Friday, June 20, 2008


My grandson turned 3 on June 10 and started T-Ball the following week...the cut-off is the end of April, but they let him play. Needless to say, he is the youngest and the smallest and has the shortest attention span....which make him SO MUCH FUN to watch as he swings that bat and then runs on his tip toes to the base. In the infield he is looking all around and then when he sees everyone else running he goes after the's priceless!

So I thought I'd share his first T-Ball was for a scraplift challenge and my son's camera SUCKS so the great shots turned out week I'll be taking MY camera!!! I used Teri Hanson's AWESOME Sunflower Seeds kit and added some baseballs by Roberta D'Achille and an Attic Treasures glove and BAM...isn't it the cutest?

Thanks for looking at my FAV little bit!


Andrea said...

Oh my goodness! How adorable is he! Such a cute LO.

TravlynWomyn said...

I love this, Gloria - he is such a darling - that uniform is so darling on him! hugs, my friend