Friday, September 12, 2008

Eye on the Gulf

Hi Everyone...we were all hunkered down and ready to ride out the storm, as our house is at the highest elevation in Galvestion County; however, when we woke up this morning and saw the water coming over the Seawall and the Kemah Boardwalk under water, we went for the high road...we are in Humble now at a Hampton's about an hour north of where we live ... we didn't want to get too far and then end up with a 12-hour return trip with all of the returning residents.

Anthony had taken Kaden and headed north yesterday, so they came back down to the hotel with us so it is me and Robert, Anthony, Katy, Kaden, Rae (Kaden's mom...they were fighting over who was taking him) and Darrell (Rae's boyfriend), Lindsay, Matt, Ty and Buster.

It is 7:40 pm on Friday September 12 and the wind is blowing but no rain's going to be a long, noisy, and stressful evening/night/morning..Nothing is open...all businesses, restaurants, and stores are closed...but we brought rations and appropriate beverages.

For a point of reference.....we live in League City, about 15 miles north of Galveston, 4 miles west of Kemah, 10 miles north of Texas City, on the west side of Interstate 45. This storm surge we are seeing hasn't been seen since the storm of 1900 that demolished Galveston or Hurricane Carla in 1961 that demolished Kemah, so even though it's a Cat 2 storm....the surge is significant and before one drop of rain fell, the towns of Galveston and Kemah were flooded....soooooo I cried when I left our home, but thank God we are all together and safe thus far. I have my brother who stayed, and my MIL stayed (she lives one mile from Galveston Bay....but refused to leave her home) other brother is in Conroe and my sisters are together in West Houston....I'll let you know in the morning how we fared.....Please pray for our entire Gulf Coast Area!



Connie said...

Gloria, just wanted you to know I'm praying for you and your family. That has to be very scary. I hope all is well and you can go back home soon. Please let us know you are safe and sound as soon as you can.

TravlynWomyn said...

Gloria, I'm so glad you were able to post this - I've been praying and sending hugs to you and yours. The images on TV are horrendous - hopefully living on higher ground spared your home from the flood waters.
HAng in there dear friend. I hope you can return home safely soon. Vicki

xashee's corner said...

you are DEFINITELy in our prayers Gloria!! thank you for this update! HUGS!!!!!