Friday, December 26, 2008


I hope everyone had a Blessed Christmas, I sure did!!! Any time with my family is a Blessing!

I was taking a little time to check out the blogs this morning, and WOW...look what I found at Xashees Corner!

Now for those of you who know Shirley.....She's the one that deserves the award! She is so encouraging and sweet, they just don't make people like her too much any more and she's been a BLESSING to me for almost 4 years....I Love You, Shirley, and thanks for being such an inspiration!

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xashee's corner said...

You are most welcome, Gloria!!! i am typing thru tearful eyes here!! lol Thank YOU for such a touching post!! HUGS!! i love you too Gloria and thank you for being YOU!!! HUGS again!!! hehe i hope you have a safe & WONDERFUL New Year!! :D