Thursday, May 21, 2009

28 Years With the ONE I LOVE!

I can't believe it's May already! Every month this year has been full and busy with so many different things and lots of love in the air (5 family weddings this year). We celebrated Mother's Day with 30 family members for brunch at Pappasitos and Lindsay and Matt gave me the most precious book of their it! Katy and Anthony brought me beautiful roses and paid for my brunch!! I've been taking fondant cake decorating classes this month and look out Ace of Cakes, there's a new gal in'll never be a career for sure, but it is loads of FUN! May has been a month of sickness....everyone seems to have some variation of the flu, with my sweet hubby having the worst case. But, he is well and just in time to celebrate our 28th Wedding Anniversary, which is this Saturday, May 23!! AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, HE IS STILL THE ONE I LOVE!! We are celebrating it with our oldest friends, Pat and Tanyia Conner in Concan, Texas near Garner State will be the first time in forever that we have actually gone anywhere with no children or grandson so I'm having that bittersweet feeling--glad to have time away, but will miss little Kaden immensley!!

Looking forward to June when we celebrate my grandson's 4th birthday on the 10th....hubby and me are making him a 3D Monster Truck cake for his party....or that's the plan...stay tuned for pics of what we end up with.

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