Thursday, October 01, 2009

I'm a Skater Dude!

Kaden thinks he is a skater and can't wait until the day he can hit the pavement! He loves to wear his suit jacket, he thinks all skaters should...LOL

Journaling Reads:
I'm a 4-year-old skater dude! MaMa lets me put on my skater clothes and skate in the COOL is that! I can't go fast or grind yet, but just you wait and see...I'll be on pavement soon!

Made with my portion of Moo Two Designs' October Mega Kit...COMING SOON...SKATE PARK

Sneek Peek of my part...

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Amberpony Creates said...

LOL Boys will be boys!!!

In answer to your calender question
I did the Calander Challenge at Digitals they are having there birthday Bash this week 5 years.

Amanda has the starter kit at Digitals and the other is the posting bonus I got at the chat.

Of course the Sunflower is one I took a picture of on monday