Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Here's an update on why I've not been around much...

My husband, Robert, had a heart attack and a stint inserted in February.....since then they can't get his blood pressure under control and he is having headaches, which we now are certain are med related, so trying to figure out which med it is, and THINK we have figured it out....found a GREAT internist (spent over an hour with us in his office and in the rare is that!)....he spent 3 days last week in the hospital with a severe reaction to a new med...oh that was painful!!! Also his blood sugar is way high and he has a sleep apnea we believe....having a sleep study on the 19th, is on meds for migrains (although not sure they are true migrains, it is also for weight control, so hey, that's a plus), and if he doesn't get the blood sugar and weight down he'll go on insulin, which he is refusing at this point, sooooo....wish us luck. I told him to call his sister and ask her about her headaches, because she as them quite often and they could be a heritary thing, as is the BP and sugar.....poor baby, it breaks my heart to see him in such pain every day, so keep those prayers going up!

THANKS so much for your prayers and thoughts, they are soooo much appreciated.

I did get a little time to squeeze in a FREEBIE for you this week. You can download this and several other designers' portions of this month's Paint the Barn Challenge kit.


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