Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Layouts

It's been a while since I've had time to sit and scrap, but stayed in all day yesterday so thought I'd share a few of my latest layouts with you.

Long story, but the owner's of my hubby's company passed away over the last few years and the remaining spouse and children left my hubby (he started the company with them 32 years ago) to bring the company pack up to a sellable stage a year ago. Today the company is moving on up and had to remove some company history. This was the home of the original owners of the facility...a sad day for my family to see this demolished.

I was trying to get a picture of the moon, but because I don't know how to operate my awesome camera, I had to include hubby to get the camera to take the shot...pretty cool I thought.

My grandson, and the best boy on the planet, hoping daddy will keep this long enough for it to become his...that was in he has a different DIL has had 15 different vehicles in her 4-year marriage to my son....that's the car business for you.

 Me with my MOST AWESOME daughter and son!!!  They took me to the cemetery to put flowers on my mom's grave then downtown for brunch...they are my best friends and the best kids a mom could ask for!!

My daughter with my two grandaughters (not Linsay's girls, but Joey's...half brother). Rylee and Shellby are relatively new to our family and we Love them...they are PRECIOUS!

Visiting the Texas Railroad Museum in Palestine, Texas....once a very active and lively town, now very much the opposite, but it was a good road trip and we had a great time, just hubby and me.

My BIL stopped in for a bit while we were camping and him and hubby went on a scooter ride...a big change from the Goldwing we used to ride, but a whole lot more fun...don't they look like motorcycle thugs?  LOL
We spent a long weekend on South Padre Island, Texas and had so much fun...hubby made me "fish," along with the license and all, only to find out that I can't sit there and fish...I'd rather be behind my camera, so about after 10 minutes of "fishing," I'd be off to take another photo.  This is a page of just a few things we saw while we were there, more to come.

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